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  • The story behind Agilent GC Columns

    In 2000, Agilent Technologies, the inventor of fused silica GC tubing, merged with J&W Scientific, the creator of the first GC stationary phase made from cross-linked siloxane polymers. In 2010, Agilent acquired Varian adding PLOT, Select, VF, CP-Sil, UltiMetal, and packed to the existing Ultra Inert, High Efficiency, LTM, PAH, and Custom GC columns. Our foundation of GC expertise, combined with these vital acquisitions, we have built Agilent J&W into the most extensive and innovative GC column offering in the world.

    LC and LC/MS Columns

    The largest portfolio of Fast LC columns, and a broad family of phases across all particle sizes for exceptional flexibility and scalability. Whether you are performing conventional or ultra-fast chromatography, separating biomolecules, or analyzing complex basic compounds, you can trust Agilent for the industry’s highest-performing columns that deliver the fast, reproducible results you need – all engineered with Agilent’s unparalleled quality and reliability

    Sample Preparation Products for Chromatography

    Sample preparation is an essential part of successful chromatography. It extends column lifetime, reduces the need for repeated samples, and minimizes interferences that can jeopardize your separation, detection, and quantification. Agilent offers the most complete line of sample prep products.