Gilson SPE systems

Solid Phase Extraction Solutions (SPE)

Gilson offers the broadest range of automated Solid Phase Extraction instrumentation in the market. Whatever your requirements for throughput, our SPE product line provides a solution from smaller sample processing (one sample at a time) to higher sample throughput (up to eight samples at a time).
Gilson’s range of SPE solutions automates and optimizes recovery and precision, ensuring accurate and precise sample preparation results. The full range of column dimensions (1, 3, and 6 mL) are accomodated within the layout of the instruments. Graphically designed, drag-and-drop software makes method development and sample processing simple.

  • Gilson Liquid Handler GX-241
  • Gilson Solidphased Phase Extraction Systems (SPE)
  • Gilson GPC / SPE and QuEChERS for analysis of Pesticides in Olive Oil
  • Gilson Automated SPE of EPA Method 1694 for Pharmaceuticals Products
  • Gilson Gilson GX‐27X ASPEC™ Large Volume Clean Water System Operation


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  • Automated GPC Clean-up Solutions
  • Gilson HPLC Systems
  • Manual Pipettes
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