Micro GC systems



AGILENT / VARIAN Model 490 Micro GC System

The Agilent 490 Micro GC is a rugged, compact, laboratory quality gas chromatograph that delivers information wherever you need it. Its modular design and MEMS technology-based components ensure flexibility, ease-of-use and unprecedented speed in gas analysis. Choose from a full range of available accessories, including self-containing field case, sample prep/filtering devices and reporting tools.
490 Micro GC Biogas Analyzer

The Agilent Biogas Analyzer is a fast and efficient analysis technology pre-configured for your biogas sample. Depending on your sample, you can choose between the 490 Micro GC Biogas Analyzer for analysis of pure biogas, or the 490 Micro GC Biogas Analyzer Extended for when biogas is mixed with other hydrocarbon streams.
Micro GC Natural Gas Analyzer

The Agilent 490 Micro GC based Natural Gas Analyzers are equipped with multiple column channels; each channel includes a micro-machined capillary column and thermal conductivity detector, enabling very fast analysis times (typically less than 75 seconds). The Agilent 490 Micro GC Natural Gas Analyzers are shipped as a total solution; factory tuned for optimal separation and come with a complete analytical method, a user manual and a check-out sample. Moreover, easy-to-use software is available for the calculation of all required physical properties, such as heating value and Wobbe index, conform international standards including ASTM, GPA and ISO.
Micro GC Refinery Gas Analyzer

The Agilent Micro GC Refinery Gas Analyzer (RGA) is a 4 channel, multi-dimensional system based on the 490 Micro GC. Each channel includes a micro-machined injector, capillary column, and thermal conductivity detector optimized for specific RGA analytes, with total analysis cycle time of less than three minutes. The small system volume means the sample capacity is reduced in comparison to standard GC RGA systems and is more suitable for sample streams with low sample component concentration such as typical refinery gas streams and impurities in bulk ethylene.

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