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  • Capillary Column

    SCION Instruments has a comprehensive range of Capillary GC columns. These columns are manufactured from the highest quality materials with the most detailed specifications to ensure reproducibility, low bleed and high interness for outstanding chromatographic results. SCION’s column range offers over twenty different types of stationary phases in various dimensions. Standard polarities like 1, 5, 35, 624 and WAX are available in our SCION-MS range, as well as 1, 5, and 1701 in our SCION-GC range.

    Plot Column

    SCION-PLOT columns are the best choice for GC analysis or Gases and Volatiles. The range of PLOT columns on offer from SCION Instruments guarantees that you will have the best column for your application. SCION-PLOT columns are produced using the highest quality tyrene/divinylbenzene base materials to ensure they deliver a superior mechanical and temperature stability – allowing for faster chromatography. The SCION-PLOT range incorporates BOND Q, PLOT Q, PLOT Q-HT and Al2O3 phases.