ICS6000 IC

Dionex™ ICS-6000 Standard Bore and Microbore HPIC™ Systems

Get significant increases in resolution and throughput using the world’s first modular ion chromatography (IC) system capable of operation up to 5000 psi. The Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ ICS-6000 Standard Bore and Microbore System can operate continuously at up to 5000 psi when configured as a Reagent-Free™ IC (RFIC™) system. Get higher resolution using smaller particle size (4µm) columns, faster run times without sacrificing needed resolution using higher flow rates and 150mm columns, or higher resolution with standard flow rates and 250mm columns. The ability to configure this flexible, modular system for an unmatched variety of applications.

Dionex™ ICS-6000 Capillary HPIC™ System

Obtain high performance, convenience, and flexibility by using our top-of-the-line IC platform optimized for capillary flow rates. The Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ ICS-6000 Capillary HPIC™ System enables you to scale down column size, injection volumes, and flow rates by a factor of 25 to 100. With a capillary configuration, your system is always ready and able to run samples 24/7 with minimal calibration and equilibration time. These systems combine the all the advantages of high pressure ion chromatography and capillary IC. They are available in three configurations to match your application requirements.

Dionex™ ICS-6000 Hybrid HPIC™ System

Get best-in-class resolution, sensitivity, and throughput for even the most complex ICxIC (2D-IC) methods and trace level analyses. The versatile Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ ICS-6000 Hybrid HPIC™ Systems provide faster separations without compromising resolution, thanks to its dual high-pressure channels. One channel is optimized for capillary flow rates, while the other is optimized for standard (4mm) or microbore (2mm) mode. You’ll save time and improve reproducibility with precise, automatic eluent generation and sample preparation. Choose from a wide variety of chemistries, detectors, and automation options to fit your needs.

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