Gas chromatography


  • SCION Gaschromatograph Systems (GC)
  • AGILENT/VARIAN Micro-GC Systems (GC)
  • Powerful Gas Chromatography and Chromatography Data System

    SCION Instruments is a leading supplier of Gas Chromatography instrumentation and solutions. Building on the legacy of Varian GC and GC-MS, SCION develops, manufactures and markets systems ranging from simple stand-alone GC through to fully configured analyzers which are tailored for specific customers’ complex applications and analysis. With CompassCDS a powerful Chromatography Data System is available that brings 20 years of legacy and continuous development to your desktop. Connected to a wide range of GC and LC instruments from different vendors it provides an intuitive and application-rich user interface with industry- and function-specific add-ons to fit into any combination of laboratory and type of industry.
    Introducing the AGILENT 490 Micro GC

    If you want the ability to measure anywhere and get the results you need in seconds, the Agilent 490 Micro GC is the ideal solution. With its rugged, compact, laboratory quality gas analysis platform, the 490 Micro GC generates more data in less time for faster, and better, business decisions. When the composition of gas mixtures is critical, count on this fifth generation micro gas chromatograph instrument to deliver every time. With its genuinely better technology, the Agilent 490 Micro GC gives you greater confidence in your analysis results and decision-making.